Best Web Hosting 2018

Our fan base has written us A LOT of messages about the best web hosting for 2018 because the fact that Jenny has worked in the industry for the last 12 years. Her top picks for the best web hosting can be found below, but you could also just as easily check out Best Web Hosting 2018’s site for this information. Regardless, here’s what Jenny came up with.

Siteground VS HostGator

Our number one pick for best web hosting of 2018 is definitely Siteground (that’s our affiliate link). One of the main reasons for this is that siteground actually guarantees 99.9% uptime! That’s a pretty big deal when you’re trying to find good hosting. Their speeds are pretty comparable, however HostGator seems to out-perform siteground by a hair in most of Jenny’s tests.

HostGator isn’t a bad option though! These guys often times have special offers that you can check out regularly and save A LOT of money. Note that we put our affiliate link there as well.

We hope that you enjoyed this quick article and that it helps you in deciding on your best web hosting for 2018! Here’s another link if you’re only really looking for the best wordpress hosting for 2018.